I have not been able to decipher the words at the top of the photo
I assume they are in Russian?

1921 - Walter's granny and grandfather
The above was written by Dora Choroszewska from information given t oger by either her husband (Walery) or his mother (Helena)

I initially assumed this was Ludwik Choroszewski and Zofia (but can't be as Ludwik died in 1884)
so it must be Karl von Hojer and Anna
Both being gradparents of Walery Choroszewski.

The woman in the picture looks very much like Helena - I assume that Helena looked like her mother?

I assume that the grave must be Geniek (1919-1919)
as Leon (1917 - 1922) did not die till after Walery was born in 1922.
Mike Choroszewski